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Hood College offers both the master of science degree and certification preparation program in Educational Leadership as a cohort through Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). Through the cohort, students begin and end the program as a closed learning community. Courses are held at MCPS locations and taught by current and former MCPS administrators.

The cohort program is offered in a prescribed accelerated format, offering one to two courses per term during eight-week periods. Students in the master”s degree program complete in three years, and students in the 18-credit certification program complete in two years. To simplify the enrollment process, students enrolled in the cohort program are automatically registered for the required coursework each semester.

The Hood College cohort program participates in an MCPS direct pay plan. Each year, MCPS establishes a county-wide tuition reimbursement rate, which historically approximates the Hood graduate tuition rate. Hood College bills MCPS cohort students at the beginning of each term for any tuition not covered by the MCPS reimbursement rate. MCPS then pays the county-wide tuition rate to Hood College upon the student’s successful completion of the coursework with a grade of B or higher. The out-of-pocket expense, if any, for MCPS cohort students is minimal. In addition, because courses are offered off campus, cohort students are waived from the comprehensive fee.

Students enrolled in the Hood College Educational Leadership cohort program may apply to MCPS for reimbursement of 12 credits per academic year due to the program’s accelerated format.

Visit the Educational Leadership page for more information about the program.


Graduate School Assistant Director: Jan Marcus, M.S.
Phone: 301-696-3603

Program Director: Daniel Shea
Phone: 301-696-3766

MCPS Coordinator: Carole Goodman