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April M. Boulton, Ph.D.

Dean of the Graduate School

Tel: 301-696-3619

April Boulton serves as the dean of the Graduate School.  

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April joined the college in 2006 as an instructor of both undergraduate and graduate courses in the biology department. She served as the interim director of the environmental biology master's program in 2009 and became the program's director and assistant professor of biology in 2010. April was appointed as the associate dean of the Graduate School in May 2015 and was promoted to associate professor of biology in spring 2016. April has taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate course for the biology department and environmental biology program with a focus on climate change and insect ecology. As interim dean, April oversees all graduate students and curricular initiatives, along with graduate admission and enrollment operations.

April earned her doctorate in ecology from the University of California, Davis in 2001, her master’s in animal behavior from Bucknell University in 1997 and her bachelor’s degree—liberally trained with a double major in psychology and classics—from Centre College in Danville, KY in 1994. An insect ecologist by training, she has published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals and was awarded a research grant by the USDA to investigate control measures for the small-hive beetle, a pest of the commercial honeybee. Given her pollinator work, April was instrumental in the passage of the Maryland Pollinator Protection Act in March 2016, which also resulted in her appearance on the Kojo Nmandi radio show and an article in the Washington Post.

Prior to her Hood appointment, April served as an instructor, curriculum developer and new-faculty mentor for UMUC. Due to her online experience, she has developed and continues to facilitate two fully online trainings for Hood faculty interested in alternative, online delivery modes. She has given workshops in online delivery for the CTL and has trained 50 plus Hood faculty from an array of departments, like computer science/information technology, foreign languages, nursing, education and psychology. For all of her professional accomplishments and exceptional service to the College and its students, April was awarded the Henry P. and Page Laughlin Faculty Professional Achievement Award in May 2014.

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Susan Kowalski

Executive Assistant to the Graduate Dean

Tel: 301-696-3602

Susan “Susie” Kowalski is the executive assistant to the dean of the Graduate School.

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Susie has held diverse positions in the legal, business, service and higher education sectors. Susie served as director of financial aid at Gettysburg Seminary, and she has experience in event planning from both the Seminary and as the owner of a small coffee shop. Her career in administrative support and management began when she served as office manager in the Franklin County District Attorney’s Office. In her spare time, Susie volunteers at both of her children’s schools in Gettysburg. She is the treasurer and administrative assistant of her youngest son’s Cub Scout pack, and enjoys conducting mock job interviews at her oldest son’s high school.

Susie uses an array of skills from previous career paths to fulfill her role as executive assistant to the dean in the Graduate School at Hood.

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Assistant Directors

Larbi Bricha

Assistant Director of Graduate Admission and Data Management

Tel: 301-696-3601

Larbi Bricha is the assistant director of Graduate Admission and data management at Hood College.

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Larbi began his graduate work at Hood in spring 2015. He is a candidate for the master’s degree in management of information technology and his research thesis is on network security. He earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and system analysis from the College of Computer Science and Systems Analysis in Rabat, Morocco and has worked in the cybersecurity field. In the Graduate School, Larbi is the admission liaison for the following programs: Management of Information Technology, M.S., Biomedical Science M.S., Bioinformatics, M.S. and the Bioinformatics Certificate.

In addition to his position in the Graduate School and his thesis research, Larbi serves as a graduate teaching assistant in Hood’s Computer Science department.

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Jan Marcus

Assistant Director of Graduate Admission

Tel: 301-696-3603

Jan Marcus is the assistant director of Graduate Admission at Hood College.

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Jan has over 15 years of administrative and teaching experience in higher education. From 1999 to 2003, he worked at Carroll Community College, beginning in the foundation office, where he coordinated the school’s annual fund and employee giving campaigns and managed sponsorship for foundation special events. He then moved to Carroll’s Continuing Education and Training division, where he designed CE&T’s website, coordinated outreach activities, and managed adjunct faculty development. In the Graduate School, Jan is the admission liaison for the following programs: Ceramics Arts, MFA, Ceramics Arts, M.A., Ceramic Arts Certificate, Humanities, M.A., Human Sciences, M.A., Environmental Biology, M.S., GIS Certificate, Counseling, M.S., Clinical Mental Health Counseling Specialty, Counseling, M.S., School Counseling Specialty, Gerontology Certificate, Thanatology, M.A./Certificate , Curriculum and Instruction, M.S., Education Leadership, M.S., Education Leadership Certificate Preparation, Elementary STEM Certificate, Mathematics Education, M.S./ Certificate, Mathematics Instructional Leadership, M.S., Mathematics Education, M.S./ Certificate and Reading Specialization M.S.

Jan has taught in the speech communications and English departments at Frederick Community College since 2007, teaching a range of speech communications, writing and literature courses. While at FCC, he worked as a writing center tutor and was the school’s first-ever sports information director. In that capacity, he served as President of the Maryland Junior College Athletic Conference SID Association from 2009-2012. From 2013 to 2016, Jan taught secondary English at New Life Christian School, where he was also assistant athletic director.

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Primary Designated School Official

Elyas Abubakr

Primary Designated School Official

Elyas oversees international visa and student immigration policies/procedures, especially providing services and programs for current and alumni F-1 international students.

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He has been an active member of the international education community since 2008 and formerly served as a DSO and advisor for international students at the University of Maryland and American University. Elyas has a strong background in international student advising and F-1 immigration compliance, and looks forward to engaging with Hood’s international students—both undergraduate and graduate. While Elyas is part of the Graduate School staff, he is the primary contact for all visa questions, regardless of student year/status.

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Graduate Assistant

Mary Amusa

Graduate Student Assistant

Mary Amusa is the administrative assistant in the Graduate School, and she is a student in the humanities master’s program.