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Arts and Humanities

Biomedical and Environmental



Counseling, Care and Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Behavior

Computer Science and Information Technology

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Graduate-level courses for non-degree-seeking individuals who wish to pursue continuing education for career growth or personal interest or to sample a particular program.

Doctoral Program in Organizational Leadership

Three-year experience for seasoned professionals that leads to a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership (DOL) or Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Prepares students for lives of responsibility, leadership and service.



Professional Development Institute

Seminar series for current graduate students who want to enhance their marketability and workplace skills. 

Five-Year Dual Degree Programs

Hood is now offering a groundbreaking opportunity for students interested in certain areas of study. In just five years—working closely with their adviser—these students can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.