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Residence Life

In addition to taking classes and participating in extracurricular activities, you're going to be a part of a vibrant community (and perhaps even live here) for four years—as Hood's comfortable campus environment has a lot to offer.

In residence halls, the Whitaker Campus Center, Coblentz dining room, and other buildings all over campus, you’ll make friends, cook family-style dinners, form study groups and find numerous other ways to connect with fellow students. You’ll learn not only what it means to be part of a community, but also how to take care of yourself—with resources like the counseling center, chapel, RAs and wellness center offering the support you might need.

Hood students have their pick of beautiful, comfortable spaces for relaxing, studying, grabbing a bite to eat or hanging out with friends. A few examples:

  • A hub of student life at Hood, Whitaker Campus Center is where students go to play a game of pool, visit the Student Life Suite, and enjoy delicious meals at The Blazer.
  • One of the most lively, social spots on campus, Coblentz dining room is where students catch up over healthy, delicious meals.
  • All the residence halls—Coblentz, Memorial, Meyran, Shriner and Smith—have lounges where students cook, kick back and attend pizza parties, movie nights and health education programs.

The Office of Residence Life 

In the Office of Residence Life, you'll find well-trained, experienced staff members who work in the best interest of students. They work to support and enhance the academic mission of the College with an educational philosophy tailored to student needs and concerns. The Office is responsible for providing services and educational experiences within the residential system, as well as managing the judicial affairs of the College for both resident and commuter students.

The Residence Life office

  • Strives to develop an atmosphere that reflects personal responsibility in support of Hood's values of honor and respect;
  • Strives to develop student skills in the areas of leadership, conflict resolution, service to others, respect and appreciation of diversity and holistic wellness;  
  • Brings students and housing together in an environment dedicated to the educational, social and personal growth of each individual student;  
  • Recognizes that students come to college prepared to assume the rights and responsibilities of adults in a community dedicated to common goals. It strives to promote student awareness of these rights and responsibilities as members of both the residence hall and College community; and  
  • Works to enhance the idea of compatible and cooperative community living among resident students. It challenges them to test their boundaries while supporting them in that process.  

For more information, call the Office of Residence Life at 301-696-3577 or email us at

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Whitaker 221


Monday - Friday:
8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

These hours are approximations during the times in which the College is open for business.