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Study Abroad Programs

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At Hood, we understand the importance of preparing students to think critically and to situate their understanding of the world within a global context. Study abroad allows students in every discipline the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and enhance classroom learning with firsthand international experiences. How will you "think globally?"


Study abroad at Hood is designed to expand on the challenge to think globally by giving students the opportunity to study in a program that matches their interests and future goals. Hood has formal associations with several well-established international programs. These include those offered by Sweet Briar College (Paris), Dickenson College (Toulouse), University of Seville and University of Alicante (Spain), Seoul Women’s University, CAPA International Education, University of Mainz and Junior Year Munich (Wayne State University), among others.


Hood students may study in virtually every part of the world. Hundreds of students have studied abroad in dozens of countries across six continents. Students recently have studied in Spain, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina, England, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco, Israel and South Korea.


Hood students are encouraged to study abroad regardless of their perspective majors. With careful planning, it is possible for students of any major to participate in a study abroad program. Studying abroad provides students with a greater understanding of their academic field and the world around them, making it a beneficial and desirable experience for everyone. Some majors require students to study abroad. Recently:

  • Foreign language majors have studied in France, Germany, Latin America, Spain and Morocco;
  • Social work and sociology majors have studied in England, Spain and Korea;
  • Middle Eastern studies majors have studied in Morocco;
  • Psychology majors have studied in France, Korea and England;
  • Political science and law and society majors have studied in Korea;
  • History majors have studied in France;
  • Art and archaeology majors have studied in Turkey; and
  • Communication arts majors have studied in England, Australia and Korea.

Short-Term Programs

In addition to yearlong or semester programs, Hood offers short-term courses conducted in Europe (selected topics in European issues) and the Bahamas (marine ecology). Faculty have led Hood students on intensive summer programs—assisting on archeological excavations in Italy and Turkey, social work field experience in Ireland (co-sponsored with Frostburg State University) and conducting research at the Bibliothequé National de France, among others. Faculty have also led January-term programs such Egypt out of Egypt through the Hood College Department of Art and Archaeology and spring break programs such as a service learning trip to Haiti.

When to Study Abroad

The study abroad office provides students with information and counseling about studying abroad. The staff assists students in finding a program that fits their needs, helping with the application process and informing students about scholarship opportunities. The staff also offers pre- and post-departure orientations for living abroad.

Hood College encourages students to study abroad during their junior year. Some sophomores study abroad because of a compelling program or personal reasons and in rare instances Hood permits seniors to study abroad in the fall. All students intending to study abroad should complete the application materials at least one semester in advance of the proposed study in order to ensure that everything is completed in a timely fashion.

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Director of Study Abroad
Scott Pincikowski

Study Abroad Programs office
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