|  The Volpe Scholars Program for Undergraduate Students
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The Volpe Scholars Program for Undergraduate Students

Recognizing the value of experiential learning as a building block for leadership, particularly through internships, study abroad, research opportunities and unique programs at colleges or universities, the Hood College Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Board of Associates, is honoring President Ronald J. Volpe with the establishment of The Volpe Scholars.

The Volpe Scholars will provide students with stipends from $5,000 to $10,000 that can be used year round, nationally or internationally. Awards will be based on academic achievement, future goals and the nature of the internship, study abroad, research opportunity or unique program.

Students must apply for this prestigious award; a component of the application includes a 500-word essay explaining their academic goals and how the Scholars Program, either through an internship, study abroad, research opportunity or unique program, will assist them in achieving their goals.

After returning to Hood College, recipients will report to the community in writing or through a public presentation.

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